Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mid-flight Moment

In my journey of being a mother of 10 wonderful children we have experienced the highlights and glamour of parenting. However, on the flip side there are always moments that stretch who you are. More times then not, I've learned more through each of my individual children then ever expected. Juggling homeschooling , discipline, and my calling as a wife has helped me be diligent in my walk with Christ and rely on his strength. I'm passionate about routine and structure and my mission is to inspire any mother who deals with the day to day routine that all this can bring. A new door has opened every year in schooling my children at home. New opportunities to try a variety of curriculum, recipes, crafts and so much more.

Looking forward to sharing with you how to incorporate multiple children on one chore chart and getting it all done.
Six year old Jessah flying her handmade kite.