Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A life that isn't balanced, juggling 11

A life that isn't balanced 
 Recently a friend of mine forwarded me an inspirational post and it just inspired me to write this on a not so balanced day. My hope is that you will be able to relate and also walk away from reading this with a new outlook. More so if your day was anything like mine was this morning.  When we tend to think about balance in our lives we think things should just FALL INTO PLACE and the process should be so easy and luxurious.  We think we should just smile and be confident that life will be so good for us. When the opposite is true. The reality is life is hard, complicated, we are tested and tried and tempted. It takes it's toll  and challenges us, our marriage, our finances, our relationships and YES, even our walk. It can stop the best of attitudes and create the worst outlook and even the not so pleasant outcome. But I've been reminded that even though my life isn't in balance with 4 teens with raging hormones, one of which is just itching to leave home and spread his wings ( which is natural) and start his life away from mom and dads authority. Three others going thru this faze of being to old for some things and not old enough for others, while in that rough stage in life where the boys want to assert their place in our home and with me. Meanwhile the girls are jsut trying to get past the emotional roller coaster menstrual periods bring. Of course then there are the little ones, precious and innocent, wanting floor time with mommy and tea time with crackers and honey, even the rare occasion we read a new book like Rascal about a boy who has a friend raccoon and the adventures we could only dream about on a good day. Are you in this place MOTHERHOOD brings?

                                                        All our children except our oldest

Each day so many things get pushed back from my priority list and there are times we are barely getting by. Sipping on my caffeine while missing lunch in hopes that a small window will open up for nap time or even that split moment of quiet time. Dishes piled up (Yes, even in the Kuhn home) pool needs backwashed, weed eating needs done and dinner waiting to be fixed, not to mention papers to grade ( you seen the pile) and recorded- A stream of life and all it brings. From one flowing challenge to yet another opportunity.

How easy it would be if someone would have told us in the beginning that life for me and you would not be balanced. To not even expect it, or count on it and desire it. Wouldn't we all be more content, patient, positive. But LIFE CAN be rewarding and meaningful and a treasure each and everyday with the right outlook. If we would just except the limitations of each day and each season, with each child- none of which are balanced.                                
                                                 Scripture doesn't promise us BALANCE.
Jesus's life was not balanced. He always had people chasing after him and someone was always criticizing him.  Even 5000 were waiting to be fed, healed, blessed and guided. Paul's life was certainly not balanced while in prison, shipwrecked, beaten. Paul was able to teach and travel and guide even while being persecuted . All of which they showed joy, a full heart , love, and time to reach out to others. So even though life takes its toll  lets just see this day and all that this puzzle called "Life" brings as God's will and rest in the moments of these days. Embrace the unbalanced!!!!!