Friday, January 29, 2016

                         Homeschooling with Distractions 


        "Children aren't a distraction from more important work.
                          They are the most Important work." By John Trainer

DISTRACTIONS: That term seems to go hand in hand with schooling at home with toddlers, preschoolers, and yes, even with teens among those school hours. Each one just seeking the right moment, the very second, or even the precise time to sneak in little hand jesters, or whisper an answer as they walk by, or even a quick slam dunk of that ball, into a nearby lap or laundry basket.                

Most times it happens at the worst moments..... But it is possible to school effectively even among all those little time crunchers. It may pull us way from our routine but we can use creative ways to deal with each and everyone of them. How is your approach to your little distraction? After all isn't life all about distractions, so we must learn to not allow them to steal our joy, or cause us to defer away from those precious moment that can capture our heart. Those moments are what makes homeschooling so precious and so unique to us. My distraction may not be like yours, may not act like yours. But he or she needs to feel like you acknowledge their time. Making time first thing in the morning can make a huge difference, most times it's only a few minutes of ONE on ONE to make them feel like they to have accomplished a goal set before them. Most times when I have their undivided attention & a few moments have gone by they are begging to go play quietly, or go create some type of choas among one another.

Learning to school among all those distractable times, will allow your children to learn in surroundings that aren't always going to be the best schooling environment in the future. Being able to adapt at any given time. There are going to be times that you simply can't get your toddler to stop crying or cooing while reciting math facts, or your two year old knocking all your organized totes down spilling them all on the floor, maybe a teen who needs to burn off some hormones and they need to break out the weights. Either way count your schooling at home a joy, a blessing to teach our children in a way that each one individually needs. Take breaks often and make your school day a day that works for you. Try not to have high expectations with little ones at home, and just embrace times that bring a smile, or an occastional laugh into your day. These years of schooling our children at home go by so quickly, and it's so easy to loose sight of the most meaningful times with our children during those core subjects.