Monday, September 8, 2014

              In Hopes Of More Is Expecting

Thursday, September 4, 2014

         Avoiding Burn Out!!!!!!
Key tips: Avoid becoming to over loaded and losing our drive to carry on.
  1. Make time for everyday bible readings
  2. Journal your vision for homeschooling
  3. Evaluate your goals
  4. Fellowship with like Christians
  5. Avoid isolation/ Leads to a loss of objectivity
  6. Take care of your self physically
  7. Schedule an hour of quiet time
  8. Reevaluate your time and your commitments
  9. Collect words of encouragement
  10. Learn something new
  11. Break your routine
  12. Change your teaching approach
  13. Take needed breaks
  14. Have Fun
  15. Keep a gratitude Journal
  16. Share your appreciation
  17. Refocus
  18. Concentrate on schedule blocks
  19. Tidy in short bursts
  20. Have a chore system established
  21. Create a meal plan and grocery list
  22. Utilize older children
  23. Don't over estimate the ability of your older helpers
I love playing 21 pick up with my children when we need to just tidy up a bit, no pressure, just everyone grab something. Of course, everything has to be put in it's specific place but if you are a homeschool mom, you know how fast items gather on one table or the floor after preschoolers ransack the place. LOL
If chores are done on a schedule then they won't back up as much. We break up our day into larger segments. We have found it works well. We use meals as natural breaks between times of morning work and afternoon work. Our kids know what work needs accomplished prior to lunch and then after lunch. I love taking the time in the afternoon to work more one on one with our children. Whatever your schedule, make it work for you. All homeschooling is unique to each home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Modesty in the Purest Form

The Quality of........

1 John 3:3

 Modesty and it's array of colors...... From your most inward emotions surrounding your mind, body, soul and spirit, to your outward appearance. All of which can capture the heart of many when conveyed in a virtuous way. It's a priceless gem of righteousness and innocence.  Contagious!!! One that can be modeled after, respected and valued but not tamed by force. It begins with the heart and lead by example at a young age. Looking, discerning, and acknowledging the true meaning of what modesty truly is and how to embrace it. Gasping the beauty in which God made us, unique in every way. God has equipped us with desires that, when used rightly, bring fulfillment. He desires that your modest appearance motivate people to turn their hearts to him and to have a clear picture of who you truly are, not only on the outside but inside too.

The way a person carries themselves is important and should compliment their heart.

Being virtuous means having convictions that will be carried out and stand strong in the face of adversity, not wavering, or faulting and to have infectious reverence. Seeing our bodies as sacred . Imagine a princess, her beautiful hair, gown, even her whole attire, and that beauty beaming from her heart, and spirit, and form. Or a Knight, strong, steadfast and courageous also looked upon as a "Man of Modesty."

One who is interested in only being viewed as a gentle creature. One who is also known as a man of conviction, and who is created in the image of God. Dressed to impress in the most appropriate way. 
Whether your male or female, gender doesn't matter. We all can practice modesty and set the standards for which we may be viewed. Our desire should be to outwardly present ourselves as respectable, driven, highly valued individuals who don't compare one another, but who sets the bar high.
Utilize books such as....
Personal Help for Girls, Nurturing a Sweet and Virtuous Spirit
From Pearables
A Young Women Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus
The Ultimate Guys Body Book
God's Will for My Body by John Coblentz
The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop
The Squire and the Scroll by Jennie Bishop
Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot
Secret Keepers: The Delicate Power of Modesty by
Dannah Gresh
Personal Help for Boys by Pearables
Christian Manhood by Gary Maldaner

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