Thursday, September 4, 2014

         Avoiding Burn Out!!!!!!
Key tips: Avoid becoming to over loaded and losing our drive to carry on.
  1. Make time for everyday bible readings
  2. Journal your vision for homeschooling
  3. Evaluate your goals
  4. Fellowship with like Christians
  5. Avoid isolation/ Leads to a loss of objectivity
  6. Take care of your self physically
  7. Schedule an hour of quiet time
  8. Reevaluate your time and your commitments
  9. Collect words of encouragement
  10. Learn something new
  11. Break your routine
  12. Change your teaching approach
  13. Take needed breaks
  14. Have Fun
  15. Keep a gratitude Journal
  16. Share your appreciation
  17. Refocus
  18. Concentrate on schedule blocks
  19. Tidy in short bursts
  20. Have a chore system established
  21. Create a meal plan and grocery list
  22. Utilize older children
  23. Don't over estimate the ability of your older helpers
I love playing 21 pick up with my children when we need to just tidy up a bit, no pressure, just everyone grab something. Of course, everything has to be put in it's specific place but if you are a homeschool mom, you know how fast items gather on one table or the floor after preschoolers ransack the place. LOL
If chores are done on a schedule then they won't back up as much. We break up our day into larger segments. We have found it works well. We use meals as natural breaks between times of morning work and afternoon work. Our kids know what work needs accomplished prior to lunch and then after lunch. I love taking the time in the afternoon to work more one on one with our children. Whatever your schedule, make it work for you. All homeschooling is unique to each home.


  1. Beautiful & simple inspiration here! This is one of the posts I will be sharing on my latest round up we chatted about :)

  2. I was going to use it, but it won't let me use that individual post...I think I know why we've had such a hard time, I think the settings are set to not have the posts have their own individual URL's. If you could change that, I'd love to showcase some of your posts :)
    If I only put your main blog page URL, then I know people will have a hard time sorting through trying to find the individual posts I'm mentioning. Let me know if you're able to fix it. Thanks Angel! By the way: congrats!! Just saw your beautiful announcement!!!


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