Monday, July 17, 2017

                           Round Two of College  
                                                Freshmen & Sophomore Brothers
                                        A Daughter making her way in this world 

 Oh, this journey!!!!! Rewarding and Exhausting........I am reminded of the day I looked at Christian and said " You know you don't have to go to college, pray about it." I could tell by his facial expression and the next few words he spoke that his mind was already made up. My heart sank at the thought of what college life would look like for him, and where would he go, could he handle it , could I even counsel him through it, did I do a good job preparing him as his teacher, counselor , adviser. As you could imagine the thoughts never stopped, morning and night, several colleges had accepted our transcript , so that was a bonus and gave us a little boost in our confidence as you can imagine.

I think as parents we always have doubts, in our parenting, in our faith, in life in general, but I set the bar high in educating my children at home, we stay super structured, disciplined and are always changing things up to keep them fresh and excited about what homeschooling looks like. With 12, I just have to be.....

Finally graduation day came , and his power point was ready, his bio of his 18 years of life was done, rehearsal was over, senior pictures were a success, money was saved after a summer working three exhausting jobs, college applications done, and still the decision hung in the balance, then the Lord revealed his answer to him. Grace Seminary School

We were relieved to see he had made a decision after many months sitting at the table crunching numbers and comparing, debating, and remembering that he was born to do this, determined to make it work and this is what homeschooling was all about, guiding him through, supporting him and seeing things to the end. Those 18 years went so fast, so many great memories, ups and downs, so many times the Lord revealed to me personally that where I may be lacking in my teaching HE will be there to fill in those gaps, Do Not Doubt His Ability to Supply in Abundance. I to assured all our children this very thing, in life. So how could I back down now, and not live by the very words I spoke to them, I constantly reminded them of and repeatedly had to say to myself. I struggled with letting go only because of my own selfishness. Whether you have 1 child or in our case 12, you know those children are your life, you devote all to them and you give up on many things you were passionate about, maybe not all, but some. Each of our children add something special to the dynamics of our house and I wasn't prepared to let those dynamics change. I knew what that meant and what it felt like, after our oldest had joined a wife at 18. Even in his successful marriage 3 years later we value that time so much when we are all back together in one house. Like old times.

 I didn't necessarily fear what he would experience in college, I knew his standards were high, and I was confident that he had been exposed to life and the curve balls life can throw at a person. He was at peace with his decision and everything fell into place. We knew God was in control.

Today life in our home is very fast paced still, summer is here, our college student is home, another son
( Tyler ) is graduated along with our daughter (Angelina). Graduating two at one time was a very new experience but we managed and came through on the other side.  Very different approaches to life and independence but grateful that God is using them both differently. For His Glory, His purpose. Our son Tyler will be also going to Grace and rooming with Christian, one a Freshman then other a Sophomore. 2017 has been a busy year, a trip to Wisconsin, a Trip to Nashville, seeing our International Student Sandy, off after graduation from College with a Business major, now in California. Overjoyed at our adult children seeking Gods hand in relationships, re-cooperating after open houses. Another cap and gown worn and hung and a little gap before our next one.

Life and it's choas!!!! Find the joy in those little moments, capture them, cling to those times together while learning to let go little by little. God has used those moments to teach me, AS MOM, so much. Even when I thought I couldn't possible know my children any more then I do, I am so taken back by their strength, their faith, and desire to experience life, sometimes test the waters and bounce back from their mistakes. It's not easy, to let the grip go, watch, counsel a little, and then wait but even in this faze of our life, 4 adult children, graduated, moving on, God showed me again, "Angel, dear child of mine , I got this, I entrusted these children to you, you have done a job worthy of my calling, now you are releasing them to me once again, and I will fill in those gaps for you, I will watch over them and see MY job through, because I too have a plan for them." Thank you, LORD Jesus........

A Mother's Journey of 12 in 2017

                    A Mother's Journey of 12
Kuhn Family 2017 ( Missing Miss Ava ) 

Kuhn Family 2014

               I thought a smaller family was the best alternative for us.
                             BUT God had a different plan !!! 

Our faith opened my heart and allowed us opportunities that would have never been possible if I hadn't continued living a role as a mother and wife. Soon after the vasectomy our faith brought about hope, despair, failures and most of all perseverance. My maternal instincts were telling me that I desired what any mother of 4 boys would want and that was a DAUGHTER!!!! This was the first time in my life I was content and my saving grace was right there with me, walking the walk of obedience and stepping out in my faith. We were called to homeschool and become active members of our church and disciplining our children day to day in love and grace was priority. (But never claiming to have it all figured out, of course) After some prompting and research we found that reversing my husbands vasectomy was in our favor, with timing and good male genes, and the birth of our children prior, we had thought the surgery would be a success. Our hope was in the Lord.

FAILED ATTEMPTS: After the surgery we went through a series of tests that revealed the procedure did not work, and once again we had felt angry, a little bitter, resentful, hurt and needless to say broke financially. But we knew that where the Lord closes a door another will be opened and that giving up wasn't an option. We knew there were other alternatives, like fostering to adopt. We decided to be obedient in our walk of faith and seek out a sibling group that would be a great fit to our family of 4. Soon after receiving our license we were blessed to adopt three little girls ages 7, 4, and almost 2. The journey to get here was emotional and yet over joyed to be able to embrace these beautiful girls and offer them more then life had.
MIRACLE#1 Daily I devoted my time to my family but my heart still ached for us to be able to grow our family into yet more then what we were blessed with. I felt we had so much to offer, and prior to the adoption I had felt cheated and so I pleaded, cried, begged for the Lord to seek my heart and to fill the void that was placed there.

You may ask how could I have gone from a mother who only desired 4 could now possible ache for her own biological children and the only answer I can come up with is my willingness to surrender all in Hopes Of More. Our miracle came on December 1st 2006, a daughter named Jessah Rene. God had proven time and time again that his faithfulness to my prayers was so evident.

Thankfully our daughter was healthy and the echos of cooing rang in our home once again. It was a bitter sweet time for us. We were in the faze of potty training other children and our lives were to say the least , Wonderful Chaoes!!!

MIRACLE #2 Our family continued to grow shortly after Jessah was born, we were blessed with another daughter on January 6th, Ava Lynn and the boys were out numbered 5 to 4. You can only image how that went over, to them this simply could not be.
Miracle #3 & #4 #5 To our surprise the boys wish did come true three fold and we gave birth to 3 more boys. Currently they are 5 and 4 and 2 and everything we thought we had known about being a parent has been thrown out the window when it comes to these little boys. Of course, I'm not speaking literally but they truly are active in every sense of the word.



A LIFE With 12: My title in life now is still MOM of course, still taxi driver, meal planner, time investor, budget cruncher, college adviser, a relationship chaperone and sometimes a shoulder to cry on but I've also taken on becoming a mother in law and possible one day a grandmother. We are still in the potty training days, diapers, and the over run with munchkins faze but daily I'm reminded that with the healthy balance of older to younger, this is exactly where we have prayed to be. Soon three more of our children will be experiencing their independence going to college , balancing full time jobs and relationships, while homeschooling our 10th, 8th, 7th, 4th, 1st, K, and yes, preschool, the echoes may sound different and yet all so familiar. The path of the last 11 years has been rough, rewarding and at times tiring, but if it took going through the trenches of life to get us where we are today it has been worth every investment.



Sunday, July 17, 2016

          Embracing the path in which the Lord placed before them!!

As a mother of 7 boys my journey with them is beyond rewarding and yet at times hard to breathe. They capture your heart with their boyish charm, the ways they dazzle you with their aerobic ability to scale anything in their way. The need to please, and be accepted, and of course their desire to feel independent and adventurous. Laying my heart on the line every time they take a LEAP of FAITH, naturally wanting to catch them when they fall.  

Captured by their every moment we as moms have our work cut out for us. At a very young age they are so different from a daughter. So how do we moms redirect and embrace all that balled up energy the Lord equipped them with. They have educated me over the last 19 years that naturally this is the way the Lord intended it to be. There will be moments of sheer heart ache, and moments that you want to bottle up for a lifetime and freeze that very second. To hug them and breathe in their youth to last until we meet again. Possible wishing time had passed a little slower, now seeing this next journey in life.
We naturally nurture them, we shelter them at a young age and cover them in prayer and shower them with compassion
IN HOPES OF MORE moments just like the ones that live out in your mind.

 We take all that energy and direct it to areas that will challenge them as young men, who seek to strive for a goal. We allow them to encounter the world around them with caution, and discernment, showing them what may lie ahead and every Cross Road, comes down to a choice. From the smallest decision in their life to the ones that will ultimately alter every aspect of their very being.

 Saying yes, to healthy choices and not being afraid to say NO to the ones you know they aren't ready for. To teach them about Grace and Modesty as MEN OF GOD, but also how to be protectors when the time calls.

 To learn to say Goodbye for now and hopeful for the next. Taking all that teen aggression and attitude to a place that will drive it out and channel it elsewhere. To not be in their cross fire when they are on a healthy mission so they can see it completed by diligence and perseverance.  


You'll look back and have regrets and also see the fruits of your labor , hopefully more then not. You'll wonder what bright future awaits them, and pray like mad it's all they ever wanted. We will smile as parents who stuck with them in their walk and shared their life, but then become 2nd to their life long mate. Over time you'll cherish that homeschool journey as I have now since one has moved on, and hope each year brings seasons of growth.

But one thing is clear we'd walk a million miles for them, and carry them if we had to, and never look back on the time God has given them to us. Blessed are we who God entrusted to impact their lives, so they can rise up and provide for their future families, to be men of faith. Blessed to have 7 men in my life, one day I too hope they are blessed to have me.



Friday, January 29, 2016

                         Homeschooling with Distractions 


        "Children aren't a distraction from more important work.
                          They are the most Important work." By John Trainer

DISTRACTIONS: That term seems to go hand in hand with schooling at home with toddlers, preschoolers, and yes, even with teens among those school hours. Each one just seeking the right moment, the very second, or even the precise time to sneak in little hand jesters, or whisper an answer as they walk by, or even a quick slam dunk of that ball, into a nearby lap or laundry basket.                

Most times it happens at the worst moments..... But it is possible to school effectively even among all those little time crunchers. It may pull us way from our routine but we can use creative ways to deal with each and everyone of them. How is your approach to your little distraction? After all isn't life all about distractions, so we must learn to not allow them to steal our joy, or cause us to defer away from those precious moment that can capture our heart. Those moments are what makes homeschooling so precious and so unique to us. My distraction may not be like yours, may not act like yours. But he or she needs to feel like you acknowledge their time. Making time first thing in the morning can make a huge difference, most times it's only a few minutes of ONE on ONE to make them feel like they to have accomplished a goal set before them. Most times when I have their undivided attention & a few moments have gone by they are begging to go play quietly, or go create some type of choas among one another.

Learning to school among all those distractable times, will allow your children to learn in surroundings that aren't always going to be the best schooling environment in the future. Being able to adapt at any given time. There are going to be times that you simply can't get your toddler to stop crying or cooing while reciting math facts, or your two year old knocking all your organized totes down spilling them all on the floor, maybe a teen who needs to burn off some hormones and they need to break out the weights. Either way count your schooling at home a joy, a blessing to teach our children in a way that each one individually needs. Take breaks often and make your school day a day that works for you. Try not to have high expectations with little ones at home, and just embrace times that bring a smile, or an occastional laugh into your day. These years of schooling our children at home go by so quickly, and it's so easy to loose sight of the most meaningful times with our children during those core subjects.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

                   A Moms #2 Secret Weapon in Homeschooling
                                             Spelling Binder 

In homeschooling several children of all ages I am always looking for ways to add a little spark into every new school year. My children are always excited to see what it is I will come up with next and if you are a seasoned homeschool mom you know all to well each new system is trial and error. Some things work and stay with you in your homeschool journey and then you have to adjust, rearrange, and adapt to a new year with new courses and subjects. So for our 2015 school year we have added some new perks to our Spelling Binder. Each day my children will work in their binders, and each day they have a new assignment using the same words all week.                                                              
 6 wks worth of words

So many exciting things can happen with spelling whether your taking a day and putting your words in ABC order or plugging them into a cross word puzzle you created online or looking up each word in a dictionary, typing them, writing them in cursive, stamping them. The list is endless. So the most important things is to break up each day so your child is always doing something different each day of the week.  
We love to use the lists from Spelling Power. I paid one price for this book that I can use it with each of my children. The book is formulated according to levels starting with level A and ending in level K. Starting at age 7 my children do a list a week and we have been able to use this book up through highschool because the words will increasingly get harder as they move up a level. 
Spelling Power does suggest: Say, Look, Say, Close Your Eyes, Check, Trace & Say, Write & Repeat. BUT...... the beauty of educating your children at home and you can alter your approach and Spelling City won't give you grief about it. AMEN!!!!!!

So in our home our schedule looks like this..........................
Monday - Type 
Tuesday - Print 
Wednesday - Cursive and Word Search 
Thursday - Study and Write in complete Sentence 
Friday - Take test on Spelling City 
Any words that they miss will be added to the next week for review words.

 I always make sure my kids know my expectations and can visually see what to do each of those days. Since I plan out my school by weeks they will already have their mazes in their binders. They know to go to the computer or typewriter in Monday and type their words and correct any errors and so on for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. is a wonderful site you can type in your words on test day and they say them back to you then you have the option to print off your results which my children always do in a certificate form. Also you can formulate your maze at 

Your creativity will overflow into your children and learning will become less and less of a struggle. We have had those years where my children dreaded spelling simply because it was so dull and boring each week. But I needed to see if they were capable of writing complete sentences, or using punctuation, and I wanted them to use some critical thinking but also allow them the flexibility to grab a binder and just work independently. Now having juniors and a senior student in my home I know now how important independent work is starting in 6th grade. Since I have encouraged that but also created a system that allows for them to work on their course without me hovering it gives them a sense of accomplishment. As parents our goal should be to inspire them to learn but also equipping them to be accountable to their work and to follow through with multiple tasks on their own. This works extremely well if you also have other children to work with during this time. So Secret Weapon #2 in our homeschool journey is Spelling Binder. Check out last weeks Secret Weapon #1 Helpful Hints.