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A Mother's Journey of 12 in 2017

                    A Mother's Journey of 12
Kuhn Family 2017 ( Missing Miss Ava ) 

Kuhn Family 2014

               I thought a smaller family was the best alternative for us.
                             BUT God had a different plan !!! 

Our faith opened my heart and allowed us opportunities that would have never been possible if I hadn't continued living a role as a mother and wife. Soon after the vasectomy our faith brought about hope, despair, failures and most of all perseverance. My maternal instincts were telling me that I desired what any mother of 4 boys would want and that was a DAUGHTER!!!! This was the first time in my life I was content and my saving grace was right there with me, walking the walk of obedience and stepping out in my faith. We were called to homeschool and become active members of our church and disciplining our children day to day in love and grace was priority. (But never claiming to have it all figured out, of course) After some prompting and research we found that reversing my husbands vasectomy was in our favor, with timing and good male genes, and the birth of our children prior, we had thought the surgery would be a success. Our hope was in the Lord.

FAILED ATTEMPTS: After the surgery we went through a series of tests that revealed the procedure did not work, and once again we had felt angry, a little bitter, resentful, hurt and needless to say broke financially. But we knew that where the Lord closes a door another will be opened and that giving up wasn't an option. We knew there were other alternatives, like fostering to adopt. We decided to be obedient in our walk of faith and seek out a sibling group that would be a great fit to our family of 4. Soon after receiving our license we were blessed to adopt three little girls ages 7, 4, and almost 2. The journey to get here was emotional and yet over joyed to be able to embrace these beautiful girls and offer them more then life had.
MIRACLE#1 Daily I devoted my time to my family but my heart still ached for us to be able to grow our family into yet more then what we were blessed with. I felt we had so much to offer, and prior to the adoption I had felt cheated and so I pleaded, cried, begged for the Lord to seek my heart and to fill the void that was placed there.

You may ask how could I have gone from a mother who only desired 4 could now possible ache for her own biological children and the only answer I can come up with is my willingness to surrender all in Hopes Of More. Our miracle came on December 1st 2006, a daughter named Jessah Rene. God had proven time and time again that his faithfulness to my prayers was so evident.

Thankfully our daughter was healthy and the echos of cooing rang in our home once again. It was a bitter sweet time for us. We were in the faze of potty training other children and our lives were to say the least , Wonderful Chaoes!!!

MIRACLE #2 Our family continued to grow shortly after Jessah was born, we were blessed with another daughter on January 6th, Ava Lynn and the boys were out numbered 5 to 4. You can only image how that went over, to them this simply could not be.
Miracle #3 & #4 #5 To our surprise the boys wish did come true three fold and we gave birth to 3 more boys. Currently they are 5 and 4 and 2 and everything we thought we had known about being a parent has been thrown out the window when it comes to these little boys. Of course, I'm not speaking literally but they truly are active in every sense of the word.



A LIFE With 12: My title in life now is still MOM of course, still taxi driver, meal planner, time investor, budget cruncher, college adviser, a relationship chaperone and sometimes a shoulder to cry on but I've also taken on becoming a mother in law and possible one day a grandmother. We are still in the potty training days, diapers, and the over run with munchkins faze but daily I'm reminded that with the healthy balance of older to younger, this is exactly where we have prayed to be. Soon three more of our children will be experiencing their independence going to college , balancing full time jobs and relationships, while homeschooling our 10th, 8th, 7th, 4th, 1st, K, and yes, preschool, the echoes may sound different and yet all so familiar. The path of the last 11 years has been rough, rewarding and at times tiring, but if it took going through the trenches of life to get us where we are today it has been worth every investment.



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