Sunday, July 17, 2016

          Embracing the path in which the Lord placed before them!!

As a mother of 7 boys my journey with them is beyond rewarding and yet at times hard to breathe. They capture your heart with their boyish charm, the ways they dazzle you with their aerobic ability to scale anything in their way. The need to please, and be accepted, and of course their desire to feel independent and adventurous. Laying my heart on the line every time they take a LEAP of FAITH, naturally wanting to catch them when they fall.  

Captured by their every moment we as moms have our work cut out for us. At a very young age they are so different from a daughter. So how do we moms redirect and embrace all that balled up energy the Lord equipped them with. They have educated me over the last 19 years that naturally this is the way the Lord intended it to be. There will be moments of sheer heart ache, and moments that you want to bottle up for a lifetime and freeze that very second. To hug them and breathe in their youth to last until we meet again. Possible wishing time had passed a little slower, now seeing this next journey in life.
We naturally nurture them, we shelter them at a young age and cover them in prayer and shower them with compassion
IN HOPES OF MORE moments just like the ones that live out in your mind.

 We take all that energy and direct it to areas that will challenge them as young men, who seek to strive for a goal. We allow them to encounter the world around them with caution, and discernment, showing them what may lie ahead and every Cross Road, comes down to a choice. From the smallest decision in their life to the ones that will ultimately alter every aspect of their very being.

 Saying yes, to healthy choices and not being afraid to say NO to the ones you know they aren't ready for. To teach them about Grace and Modesty as MEN OF GOD, but also how to be protectors when the time calls.

 To learn to say Goodbye for now and hopeful for the next. Taking all that teen aggression and attitude to a place that will drive it out and channel it elsewhere. To not be in their cross fire when they are on a healthy mission so they can see it completed by diligence and perseverance.  


You'll look back and have regrets and also see the fruits of your labor , hopefully more then not. You'll wonder what bright future awaits them, and pray like mad it's all they ever wanted. We will smile as parents who stuck with them in their walk and shared their life, but then become 2nd to their life long mate. Over time you'll cherish that homeschool journey as I have now since one has moved on, and hope each year brings seasons of growth.

But one thing is clear we'd walk a million miles for them, and carry them if we had to, and never look back on the time God has given them to us. Blessed are we who God entrusted to impact their lives, so they can rise up and provide for their future families, to be men of faith. Blessed to have 7 men in my life, one day I too hope they are blessed to have me.



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  1. Beautiful boys. So full of energy and hard to tame...I liked your quote on funneling & directing that energy & aggression in the right direction!
    Thanks for sharing, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough


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