Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teens and Toddlers and Those In Between

 Yes, this is the dynamics of our home. An almost equal amount of teens verses toddlers. Once you have that combo throw in an adolescent and you have what people tell us is a quiver full. Of course, my blog isn't called "In hopes of more" without there being much thought behind it. We've surrendered this area of our life to the Lord and pray that we continue to be blessed with more children in years to come. I can't begin to tell the many blessings that come from having a large family nor am I here to convince you to start a large family. My goal is to humor you, to inspire you to look at large families as a huge treasure box of gifts and benefits and joys. In our treasure box you may see a day filled with laughter, sorrow, smiles, irritation, giggles, attitude and a mom who doesn't have it all figures out. 
Most people assume I must have nerves of steel to run a home with this many children and I must be the most patient person. I am here to confess I am a work in process and lack in these areas more then I can openly admit at all times. 
I've always prayed that people would look at our family and see beyond our dynamics. If only they could see the twinkle in our children's eyes, the smiles on their faces and let's not forget the behavior behind all those thoughts that go into their day to day process. Most choices measure up to God's desire for them and other's as many children are lessons learned through mistakes. But the bond is unspeakable. 
 Homeschooling my children has allowed me to grow as a person, they have taught me so much about myself, weaknesses and strengths. The greatest joy is truly knowing who they are as a individual and seeing the process face to face, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This process my happen over night, or even at a blink of an eye that they truly are growing up and others may come at a slower pace. I am confident that in the many areas that myself or my husband have or had lacked in that the Good Lord Almighty will and has promised to fill in the gaps. 
Knowing that they are God's children and that we have been trusted by the Lord to bring them up in His glory.

 You may ask "How do both of you do it?" I can only tell you by the grace of God. There isn't one person who has nearly enough time for each individual child equally. But there are those precious moments each hour of each day. Some days one child or two or three require more then the others, and other days they may all need to have issues addressed but that is when the academics get set aside for a brief moment and we settle differences, discuss the matter at hand, seek the word and pray, or even take the time to praise, encourage, and give a high five to. Aren't those the moments that count? Are those the ones that truly mold and shape the very person they are. This is our next generation. Hopefully the next set of disciples who give there lives to Christ and spend each day ministering to their families and setting a generation of Godly standards and morals and examples. 

 I look into the faces of my children and the years go so fast. Devin graduating this next year, and following him in three more will be my next set of teens. Three graduating at once that year. You begin to reprocess all those memories you have treasured and you start to feel that tug at your heart that it's time to cut those apron strings alittle each day. BUT NOT ALL THE WAY!!!!! Fighting back tears of Joy!!!! As for me, I start to feel an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I've gotten the opportunity to witness to my children and to have my life be so enriched with the joy they have given me. It's almost selfishness that comes by not wanting to let that go. Not wanting them to spread their wings sort of speak. 

My hope in writing this blog is that you embrace all those moments with your children whether your a small family or a large family. We aren't with out sin but we are blessed with a God who can show us a better way and to be better parents, friends, sisters, and even wives. We can take for granted the gift we have been given to minister and witness to our children with every opportunity we get. We have to prioritize and challenge ourselves to seek guidance when we don't know what is around the next corner. To be watchful, and ready for those moments. Not to be caught off guard. Our time is so short with them to make all the difference. My heart tells me the time is now for you and your family. 
May you be blessed by reading this and may your family seek the Lord in all you do. Bonded together in Love and embracing the life we have been given. From our home to yours.


  1. Angel you should write a book. This wonderful and a glorious testimony to God of what he does in your lives. We love you! Grandma

  2. Angel, this is soooo precious! Thanks for sharing your passion for God and being a Godly woman-who's real-for your family. Looking forward to future posts, Della


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