Tuesday, April 29, 2014

                             Surviving through Chaos  

Chaos ( Ka-as) A state of confusion (Chaotic) 

Anarchy (An-arr-kee) A lack of order

Truth be told: I've been here many times. More time's then I'd like to admit. You may be there today or last week or at the end of this month. We know the term CHAOS all to well, it comes with being a mom and for some of us even being a wife.  
Torn in many directions. Chaos comes in many disguises. 
                  GOOD CHAOS AND BAD CHAOS!!!!!!!!!
Some days I feel like I embrace it and other days I run from it, but more times then not I thrive in it. Our responsibility as moms within our home is to micromanage, juggle, multitask, appease and to follow a certain criteria we have established within ourselves. Most days mine standards are high as far as what I desire to accomplish and what must be done within a day or week or month. All of which requires discipline, strength, trust and motivation. The questions is where does that come from??????????????????????????????????

The strength and motivation I require daily can only come from my Lord and Savior and knowing that only the best things can come from really applying myself for the sake of my family. I know they need my direction, my skillful planning, my determination to see things through, they relay on that. Some of which don't come easy. But if we are going to take the necessary steps to improve the Chaos in our lives and Embrace it, Run to it, Thrive in it we need to see it for what it is. To have our eyes opened, revealed, and to grasp that very moment things seem to be spinning out of control and say we are in the driver seat. We can choose to control the way we view things and also the amount of Chaos in our lives. A little step of evaluation and discerning between what we need to do and what we want to do. To see it for what it is and to take that opportunity to Shine, Bear Fruit and Walk with our head held high. 
Setting goals and finding little tips that help with being more organized will allow things to seem to go more smoothly and the process may be less painful. So many people seem to think because my husband and I have so many children that makes us more patient or tolerate more. However, we all have our breaking point where we have to call a time out and regroup, whether it is in homeschooling or managing bills, or just the day to day. Whatever it may be, seek a healthy outlet to get things in perspective and never be afraid to seek others to help you see the positive in every situation. 
In our homeschooling journey and in disciplining our children in our home we have found that not one style of parenting works, or even one curriculum. You must evaluate your children's strengths and weaknesses and seek their heart to know the best way to direct them in whatever area that may be necessary. Daily I have to remind myself that God made my children for me, every little personality was all planned just for me and my husband. Yes, and even the few negative personality traits that we would rather do without. 

We as moms need to remember we under estimate ourselves, and we compare all the time. Reminding ourselves that were are designed by God to do all he has required us to do and where we lack in areas he will fill those gaps, from the smallest details to the ones that will last a lifetime. He knows the hours with in our day are short and we are torn in many directions but he will be there to lift our arms in times when they get heavy. Knowing this, gives me security, knowing he has my back. Do you feel like he has yours? If you don't just start today and seek prayer. 

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  1. Great post, Angel, praying for you in these ways. I like your honestly about the assumptions people make because you have so many children, it makes you extra patience. May God provide all of your needs today as you draw out your children's strengths with your strengths. Blessings to you today!


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