Friday, April 10, 2015

Great Homeschool Finds at the 2015 Convention
The Nature of God video series
Handy Scoops

My goal this year was to focus on busy work for my children that are ages 8, 5, 3, 2. Knowing our baby would be soon to arrive in May, I know how critical it is to find things that keep little hands busy, and yet take minimal time to prepare. I am always looking for ways to use items at home, but also have plenty of new items to balance out ones we have used numerous times. These Handy Scoops are wonderful for a rice table or a noodle table. I found these at the Arts and Education Booth. When it comes to education videos you can't go wrong with The Nature of God video Series found at Amazon.

     These Trucky 3 blocks are genius for boys who love to push and also unload things such as these colorful, odd shaped blocks. A book comes with this activity which will challenge your preschooler.
These Early Reading Comprehension books for Varied Subject Matter is available for early K through Highschool, reading, and comprehension questions are all in one. 

Mosaics for Multiplication
Explode the Code &Dr. Dooriddles

Dr. DooRiddles allow for Critical thinking and Reasoning with a "What Am I" question at the end of every riddle. They also have Spelling DooRiddles.
 Example: I will chase a mouse, & I start with C, I will chase a bird, & I end with T. 
The best gift we can give our children is the love of learning so the more excited you are and the more you search for creative ways to expand their learning, the more you will enhance their desire to become bright young Einsteins!!!!1


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