Friday, August 10, 2012

"In Hopes of More" was inspired by God's miracles









                                                                Brothers (Friends)
                                   A Connection like no other
                                       And a mother's touch 

In my last post my intentions were to continue talking about organization and praising your children through a system that has worked like a charm for us in our home, however my plans changed when recently we found out we are expecting #11.
So of course I wanted to center my attention on what I love the most, my children. I thought I'd share a little about my testimony so you could hopefully see the hand that Christ has laid on our particular situation. In hopes that you'll be inspired and just know that the good LORD has a plan, A PERFECT PLAN. About 9 yrs ago our living situation was much different then today. I was a full time mother and holding a full time job like most mothers today. Juggling being a wife, babysitters, parent teacher conferences and also the every day routine of homework with the kids while they were in public schools. 
Yet something was always missing, always longing for something and feeling unfulfilled. After the death of my mother-in-law life started to fall into place, for various reasons. I saw Christ through my loss and found homeschooling and the new journey of being a stay at home mother. This journey has brought me here today. 
My husband was more or less forced into having a vasectomy prior to his mothers death. Thanks to me, it wasn't what he wanted. But soon after becoming a stay at home mom with 4 young boys again, that void was still there, the longing for something more. I had Christ, a wonderful husband, 4 boys and I was home and doing what I felt I was called to do. So what was missing? Good question!!!
So long story short we decided to get the vasectomy reversed. We felt a strong conviction that we had taken this area of our lives out of Christ's hand and it wasn't ours to take. From that day forward I told Christ we were a willing and able vessel, use us as you wish. But it didn't work according to the Dr. So we decided to adopt. In hopes of getting some girls of course. So everything fell into place with our adoption. Not only did we adopt, but we adopted three sibling girls... Angelina, Ashlynn and LeAnna. Again, I felt the calling and felt I was living out the desires of Christ. Just a month after the adoption I found out I was pregnant and it was a girl, Jessah Renee. You guessed it I still felt a longing for more, something, but what? Again. So we were blessed with another wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby girl, Ava Lynn. Then a baby boy came  along, James, and I just knew it was a boy. Things were as good as they could get 5 girls, 5 boys, homeschooling is going great and life is good. 
Our love for Christ at this point is enormous and we've stuck by our word. Use us, we are willing and able. And again the Lord's timing is perfect, now expecting #11. Our perseverance, our dedication, our passions to seek the Lord in everyday life has truly prevailed.  Not that we haven't had struggles but looking at these photos has truly confirmed why I've longed and felt a void. The LORD'S plan needed to be lived out and once I submitted to him and saw the vision he has for my family, who could ever deny his graces, his love, or his choice to bless us?  We couldn't be any more thrilled to have this experience and to be able to share it with you. I hope you are touched by our story and that you share it with others. 


  1. It's so exciting and so intriguing to hear you talk about God and everything he had done for you and expanding your family!!

  2. Congrats to you and your family! We don't have quite as many kids as you do, but God decided to increase our family too. People would look at me strange when I would say we were expecting our 6th together (plus his first two makes 8)...especially since he has cancer. I gave a testimony at the Women's Retreat that this baby has given my children something else to think about other than their father's cancer. I realize it is a slow cancer, but it is always in the back of their/our minds. They have something to be excited about. We don't always know God's plan b/c I remember when I found out I was pregnant I laughed and said "God you really have a sense of humor!" He knew exactly what we needed when we need it! I love hear about your big family! The Bible says "Blessed is a mans whose quiver is full!" Your husband is a blessed man and therefore it makes you a blessed woman! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! -Hope

  3. Angel,
    My heart became full reading your journey. What an incredible journey it has been. Your story warmed by heart, as I too seek more and feel unfulfilled, and often wonder what it could be. God's plan is a perfect one, and I may have detoured his glorious plans for us. After our third daughter was born, I decided to get fixed. Our youngest is 7 now and for several years I have felt our family is not complete. You have inspired me to seek out, to my best ability, to fill my heart and desire to have more.
    We are going into our 5th year of homeschooling. Through fasting and fervent prayer to continue, we seek a
    Christ centered home to raise our girls in. I am looking forward to reading more about your homeschooling organization. I would also love to hear about your daily school schedule and what curriculum works for you. I am always seeking ideas for getting more organized in our homeschooling. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing it has been to read this.-Jodi

    1. Jodi,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, so glad that it inspired you. Hopefully in the near future I will be posting any and all curriculum I use and have used in past. I will also include our daily agenda. Hope it will help.

  4. Thank you for your witness. I stumbled across your blog through a link you left on fb. My hubby has also had a vas reversal ( actually two reversals). The last was almost two years ago and we have about given up hope of having our own naturally. In fact we are in the process of becoming foster parents in the hope of adopting through the foster system. I just wanted to let you know that your story touched me and I am so glad I found your blog. I have now subscribed. Blessings


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