Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's get organized

This week I wanted to give all viewers an opportunity to see first hand how we incorporate all our multitude of 10 children on one chore chart. Whether you have two, 5 or 10 it works the same for every family of any size. 
First things first: Have an idea of what chores your children can handle. Don't under estimate their capability. Even our 5 yr old is on a rotating chore. Try a buddy system or the shadowing technique. I'm a firm believer that older children can then help assist in training or equipping the younger siblings by shadowing. 

Our family's monthly chore chart, a printable calender labeled with each individuals' initials.
 Steps 1-4...

From step 1-4, once you've written the initials for each day of the month, you can then make your lists of everyday chores. A number for each chore. A few of ours are listed above. Every four days our children will do the same chore on a rotating schedule. 

Number 1. for Wed. is Dishes 
Number 2. for Wed. is Laundry 
Numbers 3,4,10 for Wed. are Vacuum, Wood, and Trash Cans. All of which are in the living room. 

Our children know which chores are A.M. and P.M. ( A.M. before bible and P.M. after dinner) Some are Sundays only and even bedding being washed at the beginning of every month is posted on the chart.
Every morning you will have the benefits of your children knowing firsthand what is expected of them. Everyone working as a team. It may take a few times demonstrating what your expectation's are on each chore but the rewards will be gratifying not only to you but also to them and it allows you more time to focus on younger children and even your own daily routine or what my children refer to as "MOMMY CHORES" 
Look forward to sharing next week how to go about rewarding your children for the great job they have done. And also what steps to take when you experience poor attitudes or lack of consistency. 

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