Tuesday, June 10, 2014

                                            A Preschool "Must Have" 
                               (The Smart Tray) 
Ok Moms !!!!! I am hear to tell you I found a treasure, one that every homeschool mom must have for their preschooler. Have you ever been in the middle of your day and it just seems that your younger children are constantly waiting on you. They want to be so involved that they are begging you to just give them something that is characterized as school. Do you have a preschooler that needs to keep their hands busy and wants quick  results? I now this all to well with my 4 yr old. She wants so bad to have something  to call her own . So I found this complete matching activity that is self checking and involves visual perception and critical thinking. Topics include things that go together, patterns, animals, colors, and so much more, here is level 1 Early Accelerator and the steps to complete one card.


Once your child has picked out the card they would like to complete they open the Smart Tray that has a clear lid and tiles marked 1-10. If you child hasn't mastered their number digits that is ok because each card also has the numbers on them to match in the corner. Here in this picture my daughter put her numbers in order 1-10 on the clear lid and slipped in her desired card to work. As you can see the numbers are at top and the pictures are on bottom.

She picks up the tile # 1 and matches what would go with a pirate. She places the #1 tile over the picture of the pirates flag and goes on to #2 tile working through each number until all clues are matched.    
Then she closes the clear lid with the tiles inside and checks her work. First sliding out the card out of the bottom of Smart Tray.
Once the card is out she will flip the card over and the Smart Tray to see if she got all the correct answers.
The Tray needs to match what is on the card.
So simple !!!! And yet so exciting for them to be able to check 
their own work, then on to the next card. 

Smart tray is sold separtely

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