Sunday, July 6, 2014

                             Manipulative Ideas to Keep Little Fingers Busy

                                                            From our  School Rm to Yours

 I'm not a SuperMom, nor a mom who has it all figured out however in multi tasking several children at one time and having the healthy balance of older to younger, you strategize almost hourly. At least in my case, it's a must. You find what works and doesn't for your household. What you can do to accomplish things that are a priority more quickly and eliminate things that take more time or effort. I have found with my family school goes more smoothly if my kids have a schedule, laid out expectations, and organization, a little tough love and grace combined into one. Here is what some days look like jumping in feet first to our work and of course what our days look like wrapping school up.

  Some short cuts for us are waking up to alarms at least our older children and myself, their courses already assigned for the week, rooms clean and hygiene a must prior to breakfast, chores started by 8, bible by 9. Many times I am prepping dinner while over seeing the older kids preparing lunch, and wrapping up whatever school that was unfinished by 3. Regardless of where they may be in that subject we stop at the particular time. This allows for free time, family time, dinner and any chores that need attended to. Then homework begins at 7. Our Moto is: Not becoming a slave to any curriculum or course so we try to stay positive, and allow ourselves not to feel guilty if this schedule has to be altered in any way. Of course, we are our worst critics!!!! Thankfully we have children who adapt and can be flexible with our changes. But a good question is " How do I keep those little ones busy" Here are ideas that I used and are still using. I love the idea of clear totes, simply because you can see what is in them and I have each tote numbered so I can assign a tote or two during their free time.



  Many of our ideas are just hours of searching for new things and either buying them or making our own.    Any way you choose there are tons of resources available to us as homeschool/ Stay at Home Moms.  Many times I like to bunch items together for my children to be able to get the full learning experience from  many items at one time. This requires a little more thinking and planning but will keep them busy longer.

Whatever season you are in with your children just know that learning and teaching them at home is just a journey God calls us to, he will equip you and me and fill in those gaps we feel like we are not equipped in. Many times I've pleaded with God about his strength to be given to me in abundance. My journey requires sleepless nights, potty training, bottle breaking, teething, climbing, juggling of 4 highschoolers and the balancing act of getting them all to work. But I know this path I'm on will end all to quickly and will be fewer and far between. So I embrace it, majority of my days. many times I have to regroup and check my perspective. But having the right tools and outlook will make all the difference. Trial and error is a must, but allows the best of learning. So embrace what lies ahead and seek the knowledge to do so.



  1. Thanks for the tips! I am at a point where I need fresh organization ideas. The hardest part for sure has been keeping a toddler busy and learning at the same time!

  2. Beautiful - what a treasure and joy it must be to homeschool! You are very creative!


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