Tuesday, July 8, 2014

                             Let the planning begin!!!!!

Every new school year the wheels are turning on how to make the most of my children's learning experience. So here are a few ideas we are going to try this next year. Folders are a huge space saver and they can fit almost anywhere. You can personalize each color for the specific child as i have. I took clear totes and wrote on them Monday through Friday and the 6th one I made for the finished folder file. On Sunday I'll assign the older children's school on the Homeschool Tracker and place all the younger ones work in the specific folder for the week and place them in each tote. 

 On Monday they will grab their folder and it will be laid out very self directed, leaving me enough time to work with my busy bodies until the other children need my assistance. Meanwhile here are some examples of new creations for our up coming school yr. 

Even the simplest out door kitchen set can make all the difference in their imagination, if only we can tap into ours. 

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