Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creative Refurbished Homeschool Ideas for any Homeschool Classroom

      Creative Refurbished Homeschool Ideas
             For any Homeschool Classroom

As a homeschool mom on a single income I'm always looking for ideas to incorporate into my personal schoolroom. Whether it's for  organization, fun, simplicity, and a dash of joy the colors and imagination can bring to learning, all can be rewarding. After 10 yrs of Home Educating my children I know how precious a learning environment can alter a child's out look on each continuous school yr. I love to change things up and keep my children renewed in this process and it keeps them on their toes when they know the wheels are turning in moms head. To see their faces light up and take an interested in a new activity, a new table, a new magazine or location of a book shelf can stem a sense of curiosity. Shouldn't that be our desire for our children? It's so easy for us to get tired, wore down and to loss that sense of urgency to get back in the swing of things after summer, but these ideas will help. Lets put the love of learning back into our new school yr.
From a standard ladder, to a dish strainer, or milk jugs we can transform them to make amazing new elements to any learning area.


I love binders you can organize anything with a three ring binder they are easy to show case and label according to your needs.
Every week during our new yr.  I print off our children's weekly
assignments and we keep each new school yr. in one binder. Then at the end of the yr. I just add it to the years prior on the shelf, my children highlight when the assignment is done and file it. So our shelf would look similar to this one except the binders would say 2013 - 2014 school yr. and so on. I can't tell you how many times we have had to refer back to these binders, so filing them can be essential  and  helpful.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Bill and I are getting ready to overhaul our whole homeschool areas. We dont have a seperate room which makes it very difficult but we are going to try to utilize our space better for the upcoming year. I also am searching ideas to better track the girls progress, I am a terrible records keeper! We are switching curriculum as well so this year will be a lot of changes. We a praying that it is all for the better to continue in the homeschooling journey.


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