Monday, August 25, 2014

Two weeks into our 2014-2015 school year we are settling into our routine. Working out the kinks, and trying to find our groove sort of speak. But on a average day we wake to things in it's place, quiet, not a peep insight, books arranged just so, and papers all stacked and ready to go but then

Over the course of ten years I have learned to embrace change, go with the flow and just refrain from unlimited, unrealistic expectation's.  Reality is our house is going to get a mess, things are going to gather in places you'd rather them not but at he end of the day what is most important. 90% of my day is toning down my children to that somewhat quiet indoor voice and doing my best to keep them engaged in that few minute window of opportunity them give me. (Preschoolers) But in the same respect finding that balance with my highschoolers.

With 11 children from precollege to toddler you find what works for you family, and you don't look back at the things that didn't work, always moving forward, enjoying the baby steps, rejoicing in the victories, and saying goodbye to the strong hold homeschooling can put you in. Feeling bogged down, frustrated, annoyed, all of which is where SATAN wants us in our journey. Lets get back to our first love of homeschooling and stay the course in which the Lord has called us to. Being confident he will fill those gaps and quiet that ever so silent voice that keeps you awake at night.
Those words" Am I doing enough, am I challenging them, am I leaving anything out"
Rid them from your mind and know with confidence you are the best gift for your children's education. Taylor every aspect of your home to fit your families needs. Meanwhile, seeking the Lord for guidance. At end of the day your glory and the glory of all you have accomplished will shine thru, if only perseverance then you have crossed the first battle.

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