Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Hopes Of More Inspired for you

In Hopes Of More was created to met moms right where they are. In the mists of what ever season they are going through. My blog is inspired by my family of 11 children who challenge me everyday to become all God has designed me to be. I carry many titles within my home ( No different then you) I'm mom, counselor, teacher, advisor, meal manager, time saver, taxi, and Yes, even friend. I hope to encourage you in your walk with the Lord but also hope that I can offer tools, insight, and laughter to your day to day. Join me on this journey we call motherhood and lets embrace it together.
Life is full of surprises and there is nothing more rewarding then to know that other mothers value your insight and even utilize the knowledge we have shared.
                               (of course with no strings attached)
We all have our days that call for TIME OUTS and yet we rise up and continue on, as soldiers ready for battle. Most battles I'll win with the Lord on my side and a wonderful support team cheering me on but we need to remember our battle isn't with our children. Our job is to pick them up when they fall and to also do the same with one another, to be real and not candy coat the picture we are portraying. We are going to have ugly times, good times, lasting times, short term times and even never ending times. But hopefully the times you have are Times of Victory.
Join me as a start a new journey inspiring moms on Godly Glimpses site, in hopes to share what God has in store for us with modesty, purity and courtship.


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