Monday, December 1, 2014

                                      Thanksgiving 2014
A journey with our International student has been rewarding, educational & most times very humorous. Many people wonder why we would embrace this experience with so many children at home and that is the very reason why we have. Not only did we feel this was the Lords calling but also a time for us to learn about another culture and for another culture to be able to experience the American life style with a large family.
    I would encourage anyone to open their home to those who may have doubts or questions about a families values or traditions or even a curiosity as to what a family in America may do on a day to day bases. Opening our home has allowed our International student the opportunity to witness first hand all that is involved in providing for a large family but also the dedication it takes and the man power to accomplish so much in a day. Homeschooling in other counties is not looked upon as a positive alternative to educating children and in most not legal outside of the US. There may or may not be a language barrier but that to can be something that could be used by the Lord to become a relationship builder that will hopefully last a lifetime. Whether your International student is for a semester or a few years take every opportunity to be a powerful role model to them. You never know what doors could be opened if you are willing to sacrifice your time.


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  1. May God continue to give the Kuhn family so many blessings :)
    Love you all
    Aunt Lynn


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