Monday, January 5, 2015

                            Chore Chart Bliss
                What Organization Can Bring!!!!

Whether you are a large family like our clan or a family of just a few children, this formula can resolve any madness in your day to day, while giving you a more blissful outlook on the issues chores can bring. Our family of soon to be 14 in May have been using this method for years and it has been a life saver in our home. Daily the kids know what is expected of them and it's done a month at a time, with clear expectations posted in every room.

 First list all chores you would like to see accomplished daily, whether it's an A.M. chore or a P.M. chore, and number them, type and laminate. Find a central place in your home to post, where it's easily seen. Kitchen works best, since your children start their day with breakfast. Also have your expectations for each typed out and ready to go!!!!

Next find a single calendar for that month or a 12 month calendar and list your child's initials on each day. We use every month

In our case C- for Christian, A- for Angelina, T - for Tyler, and so on listed oldest to youngest. Once you have added all their initials ( 7 in all for us) you start to think about what chore would be age appropriate, from the oldest to the youngest. Then start plugging in those numbers that are specific to that child's ability. I recommend oldest to youngest.
Cross of the days as you go, each day most of your children ( if you have several that are older) will rotate daily, so they aren't on the same chores day after day. For example on January 1st Christian (C) was on chore #2 and #15 the next day he is on a different chore till Monday then he is back to the same chore of #2 and #15. It allows them a break and also it helps them be very equipped in several areas in your home. Preparing our children for a lifetime of responsibility is the best gift you could give them. Allowing them to be shadowed by younger siblings is just as rewarding, and will also set the course for them to start gaining that responsibility also.
Designate a few baskets full of cleaning supplies to help in their cleaning journey. Another great way to guide them is to attach an laminated index card to the bucket as you see above that tells them specifically what each item is for. The more you are organized the easier it is for them to transition into the that role of responsibility and will in the long run make your home a very blissful environment.
Every night our children make sure everything is in it's place, which allows us to start our next day off in a very organized mind set. I can't think of a better way to see Monday morning, other then teaching them to make coffee so it's ready for an actively, productive day for the MOMMY in Charge.

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