Tuesday, August 25, 2015

          A Moms Secret Weapon for the 2015-2016 School Year 
                                1st A Bundle of Crazy Kids 
Starting off the school year can be a very hectic time for any family and learning to breathe is essential the first several weeks and even thereafter. A parent spends countless hours reading, researching, and seeking in hopes to find what may work this year. What may keep their little ones busy. What may help my highschooler. Believe it or not there are those years you will find a gem of an idea, a diamond in the rough. An idea so simple and yet so valuable to your homeschool journey that you must share, JUST LIKE ME!!!!!! 
                       Of course every idea is Trial and Error. 
What!!!!! Another idea you want me to try

My kids have learned that we are dedicated to educating at home. It's what works for us. Because of our dedication they are the prototypes of my madness. LOL
Every school year I accumulate a pile of papers that are considered helpful resources to refer back to when we need a little extra help, whether it be refreshing our memory or even a newly introduced concept. Either way with as many children I have or even the few you may have, as a parent you can cover a lot of material in a school year. That is where my HELPFUL HINTS BINDER has become essential in my homeschooling journey. So many times my day would be put on hold, while my children waited for me to gather more information on a concept, or to find something that would help explain that concept more clearly. An example would be english rules, converting fractions, exchanging roman numerals, breaking down the metrics, or any other type of measurements. All would be gathered in this binder. 

Each concept would be kept in a plastic sleeve and the binder kept in an area all my children would have easy access to at a moments time. This gives them a resource to refer back to and an independence to seek and find while working on their subjects. Without depending on me, or even waiting any length of time. After 11 years with my children at home this binder has grown with every new year. Each subject divided into categories. So #1 on my list of Secret Weapons is HELPFUL HINTS BINDER. 

I'm Looking forward to sharing more secrets that has made our homeschool journey a true blessing. Tune in for more in the near future. 

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