Tuesday, August 25, 2015

                          A Moms Secret Weapon while Homeschooling 11

 I've been away from my blog for sometime awaiting the birth of our son but we are excited about what the 2015-2016 school year has in store for our home. It's only our second week in our homeschool journey but after educating our children at home now for 11 years I've got lots of new ideas that will make a homeschool journey a success. From our highschoolers to our preschoolers, our quiver full allows for me to seek a wide range of ideas. Secret weapons is what this blog is all about. A bundle of 7 boys to the sweetness of 5 girls, can challenge any homeschool mom, successfully keeping little hands busy and minds shape with creative play. So what is this moms Secret Weapon? Do I have you curious enough to stay tuned in? From a Helpful Hints three ring binder, that is essential for every parent schooling at home to a Spelling Binder that will have your kids doing something different with their spelling words everyday, to our Rise and Shine Binders getting our mornings started off right. Together we can make teaching at home a blissful experience. Lets get started!!!!!!!!

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